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Best Time to Hire an Advertising Agency in Pakistan

Initially, we will discuss what functions an advertising agency in Pakistan performs. After that, we will discuss when a business should hire an advertising agency.  There are different signs which show that what is the right time to hire an advertising agency in Pakistan.

It is significant to remember that most of the business and activities of advertising agencies are carried out in big cities. The emergence of digital technology has made it easy to run a digital marketing agency in a small town. You can now operate a digital marketing agency from a small town with a reach to a larger global audience. But different traditional advertising businesses are still limited to the big cities only. You can easily find an advertising agency in Karachi. While it is difficult to find it in a small town in Pakistan. 

Functions of an advertising agency in Pakistan 


Market Research is a function of an advertising agency in Pakistan (and abroad too). Most of the time, the agency carries it out before launching any new product, a new brand, product line extension, or brand extension. The client takes decisions on the basis of the results of market research about any product or brand.   

Advertising Planning (creation and execution)

An advertising agency creates an advertising or marketing plan before launching an ad campaign. Advertising agency does not only create the plan but also execute it. You can easily find an ad manager in Karachi in every Software house in Pakistan. the ad managers are responsible for advertising planning and execution. 

advertising agency in Pakistan

Creative Function/Production

There are different types of ads that are prepared by the advertising agency in Pakistan. these ads may include print ads, radio ads, billboard ads, and most importantly, TV ads. Currently, advertising agencies are preparing different ads for digital media as well. 

Media Buying

If you go to buy a space in a newspaper or on TV, you will have to pay more. an advertising agency may give you a discount as they purchase airtime and newspaper spaces in bulk. There is not only an digital agencies in pakistan but different agencies that are working on only area and that is media buying.       

Public Relations

Advertising agencies also perform the function of public relations for their clients to increase their goodwill in the market.

When to Hire an Advertising Agency in Pakistan

There are various reasons behind hiring an advertising agency in Pakistan. Some of them are discussed below.

Decline in Sales

Whenever a business faces a decline in sales, it is better to contact an advertising agency. There is a highly competitive business environment in Pakistan. An advertising agency in Pakistan can help you to come out of this decline in business by giving an advertising or sales promotion plan. If an advertising agency in Pakistan executes a plan successfully, it is a great chance that this plan will help out the business to overcome its difficulties.   

Lack of the Necessary Skill Set

You may manage your business successfully but it doesn’t mean that you know everything about marketing or that your marketing department has all the necessary skills to use in the market. These skills may include market research, planning and execution of a marketing plan, creative functions, media selection and buying, and public relations. Currently, there are many other functions have been added to advertising agencies that require separate skills.

These skills may include content writing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns, Google ads, graphic designing, and marketing analytics. It is difficult for a business to have all of these skills in-house so whenever you need any of the skills for your business, you can contact the advertising agency in Pakistan instead of hiring a new person or a complete team. Advertising agencies work with a number of professionals to satisfy clients.         

You Don’t “Get” Marketing

Sometimes due to a heavy workload, you do not focus on marketing activities. Sometimes, you fail to understand what is necessary for marketing or what are the current trends in marketing. In this situation, it is better to hire an advertising agency in Pakistan to carry on different advertising and marketing activities.

You Aren’t Tracking Key Analytics

If you want to know how your marketing campaigns are going on. How these campaigns are effective and where there is a need for improvement? It is such a difficult task to measure the effectiveness or response of any print ad or TV ad. If you hire an advertising agency in Pakistan, it will conduct a survey or monitor TV ads by using any monitoring device.

On the other hand, the situation is different in digital and social media campaigns.  There are different analytics that digital marketing or advertising agencies use to track the campaign. Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and YouTube Analytics are some examples of these analytics. A digital marketing expert can easily calculate conversion rate, click-through rate, or cost per click.      

Growth in Business

Growth in business is one of the essential aims of every business. If your business is growing, it needs something more than growth. You will have to manage the image of your business by using different public relations strategies. If the sale of your product is growing, you will have to need more advertising.

You may conduct advertising activities in the form of brochures, flyers, or leaflets. If you are expanding your business and going online, then an e-commerce website will be suitable for you. There are different advertising agencies that offer these services for their clients while their clients are growing well.  

While managing the operations of any business, do not forget that only quality is not important. Besides quality, it is also important to create a positive image in the mind of the consumer. To create this positive image different marketing and advertising operations are carried out.

A small business that has a small marketing budget may try to carry out these activities on a low budget by using in-house staff or by hiring freelancers. If someone is running an established business, it is better to hire an advertising agency to perform different marketing operations on behalf of his business.  

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