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Exploring the Scope of AI in Pakistan

It is the Information Technology sector or IT sector that determines the scope of ai in Pakistan. The Information Technology sector in Pakistan is developing at an excellent pace and has enhanced its volume drastically in the last 4-5 years. There are about 200 or more different top IT company in Pakistan that are working in every corner of the Nation. The good thing is that the IT sector is still expanding by leaps and bounds so the Ai Scope in Pakistan is also widening. To provide a large number of opportunities to the youth of Pakistan in different fields including ai for website, the government of Pakistan is developing different technology parks in the country.  

It is the IT sector that has revolutionized ai in Pakistan. Artificial intelligence is a field directly related to Information Technology. It is because there is a great scope of ai in Pakistan. There are a lot of undiscovered opportunities in AI in the Pakistani IT sector. One important point to discuss here is that although AI or Artificial Intelligence is a field related to information technology, it has become an essential part to use in every field, especially in business.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is artificial intelligence that simulates the human intelligence process by using a computer system. By using artificial intelligence, robots can perform different activities just like humans. These robots are controlled by the computer systems. There are different specific applications including natural language processing, voice recognition, and different expert systems on which the AI consists of. The use of artificial intelligence can bring improvement in decision-making by providing accurate and updated information and data. 

Opportunities and Scope of Ai in Pakistan

It will be a quite wise decision if you are planning to make a career in artificial intelligence. Not only in Pakistan but the scope of artificial intelligence is worldwide. There are various Pakistani startups that are working on different AI-based concepts. So that the Ai Scope in Pakistan is huge and continues to increase day by day. 

Artificial intelligence is going through multi-faceted growth around the world. However, we have been lagging in this field for many reasons. First things first, our software industry itself has not expanded to recruit raw talent and turn it into gold with this in-house practice, training, and professional development programs. The industry relies on academia, and academia is still teaching obsolete concepts and technologies in undergraduate courses. Learning new technologies, innovating software, and introducing groundbreaking applications in Pakistan can be a voluntary effort of an individual, a group, or a startup.

Various Challenges Associated with Integrating AI into Business Operations

There are various challenges related to the integration of Ai in Pakistan in business organizations. These problems may include talent gaps, trouble with data, Lack of infrastructure, and different organizational and cultural challenges.  These challenges are precisely discussed below.    

Lack of Infrastructure

Nowadays, a large number of profitable business organizations are involved in the digital transformation process, and in most cases, there is a need of using AI in the process of transformation. Unfortunately, still there are a large number of business organizations that lack the required infrastructure for this transformation in this digital age. 

There are just a few companies that have updated technology and proper infrastructure that support the implementation of AI functions.  While most companies are using the services of slow cloud service providers. These networks create hurdles instead of supporting the implementation of AI. Due to a lack of infrastructure in supporting AI to perform various functions, there are different businesses that are still at the first stage of digital transformation, and no progress is shown in growing toward the integration of AI.      

Data Trouble

There are a number of different issues related to the data that companies are facing to use AI efficiently and effectively. The companies lack knowledge of data labeling, data gathering, and data fragmentation. Besides that, these companies lack the technology required to process the data in an efficient way. Business organizations require efficiency in data processing to add value to the business. By using improved and digitally advanced technology, the Ai Scope in Pakistan can be increased.    

Talent Gaps

The demand for AI is unstable in this current business market as well as the job market. It is difficult to fill the huge talent gap. Those data scientists and engineers who are experienced and have sufficient working knowledge of AI are in high demand. It is even difficult for companies to find the appropriate personnel, their hiring, and retention. These are issues that large-scale companies are facing. So you can also imagine how many challenges the medium size companies face to fill the talent gap. While on the other side, this talent gap also shows the expanding Ai Scope in Pakistan.       

Organizational and Culture Struggles

It is generally considered that digital transformation is not all about technology. Basically, it is related to the digitally driven and data-driven culture and implementing this culture into the organization. Culture is one of the biggest hurdles in data transformation. Not suddenly but eventually, the culture of the organization will change and the biggest hurdle will remove in digital transformation.  

As there is an increasing need for integrating AI technology in business operations, each and every person in the organization should work as a data agent. These are the organizational leaders that can educate and train the employees about their significant role in the organization and with current AI-based systems in the organizations.  

Employees may get happy and excited about their future roles in an AI-based organisation but it is business leadership that can bring change in the organizational culture.  

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